MIDAMO - honey distillate

The proper way for the first try and the next dating with Midamo is the classic glass for the red wine. Do not chill the drink, open the bottle, let the drink have a breath for 1/2 minute. Swirl 30-50 ml in to the wine-glass. Сircle round your wine-glass and immerse your nose in to it gently, inhale the small portion of the flower. After, kiss the wine-glass and keep the liquid in your mouth. The short bite will desapire soon. Do you feel sweetness? But here is no sugar in it, all sugar decomposed while distillation.

The empty wine-glass isnt end of your adventure, enjoy the flvour of the dew, listen to the whisper of the alpine slopes and deep forest. After the dew disapears, feel the flover of wet lilac.

For coctail lovers, try the Sour with Midamo.

Our product is crafted with our own honey

We are always depending on quality honey harvest. That is why amount of the final product is limited.

MIDAMO Distillers

We are harvesting honey in four different regions of Georgia
by Georgian aborigine Grey Mountain Honey Bees

MIDAMO Distillers

      The pure honey distillate “Midamo” is produced by LLC “Subkultura” in Georgia. MIDAMO is an one of a kind, original high quality spirit. It is no "honey vodka" or anything near any kind of vodka. Midamo is a result of pure distillation of four different types of organic honey which are made by aborigine grey bees of Georgia. Harvest and selection of honey are handled with generations of bee keeping tradition and experience.
      The fermentation and distillation of four honey are done individually. Than the pure honey distills are blended using the definite proportions which are the results of 4 years of constant research and countless distilling experiments. Last phase is adding in the perfect match of natural spring water from the peaks of Caucasus.
      Honey is the most noble raw material you can get, and our main objective is to keep that noble spirit intact until you taste it.


  • Using spring water for fermentation
  • Making 4 different honey wines separately
  • The fermentation process is initiated by beekeeping products
  • Fermentation process takes 24 days

MIDAMO Distillers



  • All four kinds of honey wine are distilled separately
  • Cutting head at 80 proof
  • Cutting tale at 50 proof

Our equipment for distillation is made in Germany
MIDAMO Distillers


  • All four spirits have own order and ratio
  • Blended with mountain spring water
  • The final blend calms for 20-24 days in the stainless still vessels


Honey with strawberry
Summer pairing

Honey with sliced Apple
All season pairing

Special pairing
with author's Pelamushi cake